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Disclaimer And Privacy Policy

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This website does not host any audio/visual content.

All media come from other sites such as Google Video, YouTube,Zippy. Therefore, this site has no control over the copyright issues of the streaming media or related issues. All issues concerning copyright violations should be aimed at the sites hosting the material. This site does not host any of the streaming media and the owner has not uploaded any of the material to the video hosting servers. The owner of this site cannot know which games, articles or videos are in public domain, which has been uploaded to e.g. google video etc. and which has been uploaded without permission. The owner of this site is also willing to remove any violating material immediately upon request(Contact Us). The copyright owner must further contact the source if he wants his material off the Internet completely.

The owner of this site emphasizes again:
1) the owner of this website has no knowledge that material posted is infringing
2) the owner does not benefit directly from these material
3) the owner removes infringing material immediately upon learning of violations.

Webmaster LINKS TO THIRD PARTY SITES Any links to other websites or Internet locations from this website have been provided for your convenience only. Out site does not endorse, sponsor, or approve any of the content of such websites or locations.

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